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yum XD

I haven't got loads of awesome pics to show you, mainly because the best are already on here :D I'm English myself, and i've gotta say - i love having all these gorgeous men as fellow brits!!! They're on tv here 24/7, and love of hugh laurie and alan rickman and richard armitage and stephen fry here is so widespread - is blackadder, fry and laurie, monty python, and bbc dramas etc on the tv a lot abroad? I know there is BBC america, but im not sure how good that is - considering there's at least 5 BBC channels here (each one for something different...apparantly lol). I'm fascinated actually by how much classic british comedy is known elsewhere. Are thinsg like 'Only Fools and Horses', 'Porridge', 'Open All Hours', etc shown abroad? If not, or you have never seen them - you must!!!!!! David Jason is not to be missed!!!!
anyway - gotta share the love! I'm re-watching my Blackadder the third dvds at the min, just because i can't get over the differences between prince George and House and yet Laurie makes both work so well XD and of course cos its so funny - i love edmund :D
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