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My List <3

Noticed there hasn't been a post around here in a while... Need to fix that! :) Well, I've been a member of this community for quite some time and actually posted a few years ago a list of my favorite mature British men. But it appears my tastes of changed and after re-discovering this community I've decided to re-do my list. Being 19, I'm going to go with the 35+ is 'older' mark so some are on the slightly younger side...

Noel Gallagher (42) - Brilliant, witty, musical genius and quite frankly hot as all hell ;) With AMAZING hair I might add.
Liam Gallagher (37) - The quintessential bad boy rocker. Very sexy, attitude and (usually lol) nice hair.
Chris Eccleston (44) - His voice and his amazing blue eyes. Guh covers it.
David Tennant (38) - Geek chic sexy. Once again, NICE hair!
Hugh Grant (49) - Funny and hot, what could be better?
Hugh Laurie (50) - Also hilarious and hot <3
Liam Neeson (57) - Yum.
John Simm (39) - Yummy. Very. And that voice...
Dylan Moran (38) - Teehee XD
Daniel Craig (41) - Bond. 'Nuff said.

There's more I'm sure but my brain is slightly refusing to work now...


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