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Hot Old British Men Lovers Association [entries|friends|calendar]
Hot Old British Men Lovers Association

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Alan Rickman and Sean Connery [22 Dec 2011|01:36pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello Everyone.  I did a AR and SC video.  Check it out.  It is the Scientist and the Judge.

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Okay, so I'm clearing out my photo collections on my computer... [28 Jun 2011|01:20pm]

And there are folders upon folders of hot older men, and sadly, my interest in these particular ones has waned, so if anyone wants them, I've put them into zip-files and uploaded them. I'm deleting them from my computer after they're uploaded, and the uploaded file probably won't last forever, so if you want them, grab them now.

I'll update this post as I upload more.

1. Richard Roxburgh
2. Ralph Fiennes
3. David Thewlis
4. Jeremy Irons
5. Craig Ferguson
6. Ian McDiarmid
7. Liam Neeson
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[08 Jun 2010|10:52pm]

Hugh Laurie's birthday ICONSPAM HERE

[001-010] House MD (seasons 3 and 4)
[011-021] Hugh Laurie (TV interviews)
[022-031] Hugh Laurie (various photos)

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[27 May 2010|03:22am]

I think Tim Curry fans may be interested in this:

Rocky Horror Picture Show - 143 icons HERE
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hello!!! [11 May 2010|10:22pm]


hi so i  have been a long time admirer of this community and finally decided to post something! so here are my loves. lol




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The acceeeent! [11 May 2010|06:17pm]

Hi all! I've been a long time member but I haven't posted in a while I believe. But anyway I just wanted to bring to peoples' attention one Douglas Henshall. He played Professor Nick Cutter on the Show Primeval. I made my boyfriend jealous by oogling his bum during the show but he never denied how cute he was!

I also enjoyed the show, although it was painfully far fetched with its continuity problems. But hey, its a time travel show with a hot Scot!
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HOBM galore movies [02 May 2010|01:40pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Recently I have been watching movies that have hot older British men. 

Henry V- Rough men in the mud and rain

Richard III- Older men in tights and dark clothes

Hamlet(Branagh's version)- basically hot older men galore

Love Actually- Hot Older UK Men Galore

Peter's Friends- Hot Older British Men in Sleepwear

King Lear(Olivier's version)-Olivier and Hurt riding a horse together

Krull-Hot UK Men on Firemares

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larry and pat pics [11 Apr 2010|08:08pm]

[ mood | content ]


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Fan Fiction [09 Apr 2010|02:42pm]

[ mood | curious ]

How come there aren't any HOBMLA fiction?  It is fanfiction that features the characters that was played by our favorite older British men.

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Love for Older Men [07 Apr 2010|04:53pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hello, I'm lcamile.  I have been viewing this community for a long time.  I finally joined.    I always had a love for older men since I can remember.   I think that my very first love was Laurence Olivier and that when he was still an old guy. 

Laurence Olivier
Jon Pertwee
Patrick Troughton
Richard Harrison

Jeremy Irons
Derek Jacobi
Alan Rickman
John Hurt

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David Tennant Singing-Should I Stay:Blackpool [16 Mar 2010|06:26pm]


Love this. He is so cute in it.
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New loves [07 Mar 2010|02:42pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

I have recently updated my older man crush list, it now goes something like this.

Alan Rickman (64) Just the voice is enough
Jeremy Irons (61) Same reason as above
David Tennant (38) Scottish, sexy and geeky
John Simm (39) Just hot
Johnny Depp (46) Who wouldn't?
David Suchet (63) I think he's gorgeous even if no one else does :D

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The Sun Ain't gonna shine anymore [13 Feb 2010|06:43pm]


Thiught we all could use a little Rickman serenading us on this Valentine;s eve. Enjoy.
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My List <3 [15 Jan 2010|02:02am]


Noticed there hasn't been a post around here in a while... Need to fix that! :) Well, I've been a member of this community for quite some time and actually posted a few years ago a list of my favorite mature British men. But it appears my tastes of changed and after re-discovering this community I've decided to re-do my list. Being 19, I'm going to go with the 35+ is 'older' mark so some are on the slightly younger side...

Noel Gallagher (42) - Brilliant, witty, musical genius and quite frankly hot as all hell ;) With AMAZING hair I might add.
Liam Gallagher (37) - The quintessential bad boy rocker. Very sexy, attitude and (usually lol) nice hair.
Chris Eccleston (44) - His voice and his amazing blue eyes. Guh covers it.
David Tennant (38) - Geek chic sexy. Once again, NICE hair!
Hugh Grant (49) - Funny and hot, what could be better?
Hugh Laurie (50) - Also hilarious and hot <3
Liam Neeson (57) - Yum.
John Simm (39) - Yummy. Very. And that voice...
Dylan Moran (38) - Teehee XD
Daniel Craig (41) - Bond. 'Nuff said.

There's more I'm sure but my brain is slightly refusing to work now...


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Paul [13 Sep 2009|01:17am]


Paul McGann as 8th. A drawing I made some time ago.
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yum XD [08 Sep 2009|10:31pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I haven't got loads of awesome pics to show you, mainly because the best are already on here :D I'm English myself, and i've gotta say - i love having all these gorgeous men as fellow brits!!! They're on tv here 24/7, and love of hugh laurie and alan rickman and richard armitage and stephen fry here is so widespread - is blackadder, fry and laurie, monty python, and bbc dramas etc on the tv a lot abroad? I know there is BBC america, but im not sure how good that is - considering there's at least 5 BBC channels here (each one for something different...apparantly lol). I'm fascinated actually by how much classic british comedy is known elsewhere. Are thinsg like 'Only Fools and Horses', 'Porridge', 'Open All Hours', etc shown abroad? If not, or you have never seen them - you must!!!!!! David Jason is not to be missed!!!!
anyway - gotta share the love! I'm re-watching my Blackadder the third dvds at the min, just because i can't get over the differences between prince George and House and yet Laurie makes both work so well XD and of course cos its so funny - i love edmund :D

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Hi there, girls [08 Sep 2009|09:09pm]


Greetings form Bulgaria!
My name is Selina, I'm 19 years old and I lovvvvve Old (and  Not That Old) British Men since before I even new that they are British. I can't remember who was my "first", the list is very long, so let's get to it:

Paul McGann - his voice... oh, dear me, his voice...

Jason Isaacs - beautiful and talented and funny and hot...

Alan Cumming

Alan Rickman *melts down*

Hugh Laurie *giggle*

Paul Bettany

Jack Davenport

Christopher Eccleston

Bill Nighy

Richard E Grant

Rufus Sewell

David Dixon

Aaaand... no. That's not it, but I'm already drooling over my keyboard. I need a little rest. And a cold shower...
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