jesterpaperface (jesterpaperface) wrote in hobmla,

Hi there, girls

Greetings form Bulgaria!
My name is Selina, I'm 19 years old and I lovvvvve Old (and  Not That Old) British Men since before I even new that they are British. I can't remember who was my "first", the list is very long, so let's get to it:

Paul McGann - his voice... oh, dear me, his voice...

Jason Isaacs - beautiful and talented and funny and hot...

Alan Cumming

Alan Rickman *melts down*

Hugh Laurie *giggle*

Paul Bettany

Jack Davenport

Christopher Eccleston

Bill Nighy

Richard E Grant

Rufus Sewell

David Dixon

Aaaand... no. That's not it, but I'm already drooling over my keyboard. I need a little rest. And a cold shower...
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Hoorah for Alan Cumming, Hugh, and Rufus!!!
Terrific list. :)
Mmm, good list! And not so routine as mine. :)